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Drywall Repair Portland

Cascade Painting and Restoration has done more than a thousand expert ceiling and drywall repairs since 1988.

We’ve worked for all of the major insurance companies in the Portland metro area.

We specialize in drywall repairs.  Many drywall contractors are good at installing it, but it takes a different kind of skill set to properly repair it so that the patch isn’t noticeable.

Whether its matching knockdown brocades, orange peel texture, or acoustical texture there is no company better at it.

We are also expert Painting Contractors, having done more than 5500 in the last 26 years as a painting company.

Phone 503-936-3255 for all of your drywall repair and Painting projects.

Drywall Repair-Knockdown Texture
Drywall Repair-Knockdown Texture
Drywall  Repair-Orange Peel texture.
Drywall Repair-Orange Peel texture.