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Interior Painting Process

Our team of professional painters believe the key to a good paint job is thorough preparation before the first can of paint is ever opened. We use specific, proven methods to perform painting excellence. Also important is the use of top quality primers, stains, paints, and sealers based on your specific needs. Expert paint application along with cleanliness and attention to detail is what we offer each customer to always ensure that the job is done correctly. Our customer service and the quality of our work is second to none. We are bonded and carry a $1 million dollar insurance policy. (Though we’ve never had to use it.)  Cascade has been a locally based painting contractor since 1988.

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Interior Painting Portland & Vancouver by Cascade Painting & Restoration

“Cascade Painted our exterior years ago and it still looks great. This year they repainted our whole interior. The walls, ceiling, doors, cabinets and trim.  They did an excellent job. The crew was professional, neat, friendly, and they were a pleasure to have around.” Brad and Dawn Parr.

Painting Contractors in Portland since 1988 with more than 6000 jobs completed.

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From painting the interior of an entire house or business, to the painting of a single room, we are expert painters who are efficient, clean, and easy to work with.

Choosing a quality paint brand for interior painting

Overall, Sherwin Williams is our preferred paint company because of its wide array of quality products.  They are the largest and one of the oldest paint companies in the country.  Because of their size, their research and development programs are far reaching.  We have long been fans of their Superpaint line of paint and their newer products, Cashmere and Duration are also excellent.  Alhough the painting industry is moving away from oil base paints, they still have some good ones.  To replace oils, they have an acrylic, (water based) paint that is excellent called Proclassic.  Although it can be sprayed, its a paint that in the hands of one of our excellent painters, can be brushed to look like a sprayed on finished.

We always liked The Devine paints which Miller Paints produced for many years.   When it was sold to Valspar, Miller continued with the  Evolution line of interior paint that uses the same paint formula as Devine . We like these paints a lot!  Miller also sells a product                               Kelly Moore’s Duropoxy : an excellent interior trim paint. Very hard, spray paints and brushes smooth.

The eyes and minds of humans can distinguish up to 2 million shades of color . A great color tool to help you sort things out is Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer, a place where you can even download your own photos and manipulate the colors and the combinations.

For oil-base trim and cabinetry work you still can’t beat Benjamin Moores Impervo paints. They also make an excellent acrylic trim paint along with their many good products.  Their excellent reputation is well deserved. They also have a very handy online tool called ” color visualizer‘ where you can put colors on the walls before picking up a paint brush.  If you find the paint color you like you don’t have to necessarily  use their paint since most companies already have their competitor’s matching color codes in their systems, or they can match the colors.

As far as regional paint companies, for interior paints,  Rodda Paint seems to be the best bang for the buck when you include price and good  quality.

Our company does fine painting, staining, lacquering, and finishing of all types from large painting projects to the small. In many cases, a home just needs touch up painting where we match the paint and go around with artist’s brushes and mini rollers to renew the paint in your house.

Here’s an excellent mobile phone  painting app that lets you take a photo of a paint color you’re interested in, (house, room, flower, bedspread) and Sherwin Williams will match the color from its paint charts.  Color Snap.  Our painters at Cascade Painting and Restoration have found this program to be very useful to our clients.

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Other specialties of Cascade Painting and Restoration

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Drywall repairs, texturing and brocading.  Wallpaper Removal

Pressure washing, moss removal.

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A company called Belltown Design has compiled some very interesting articles on the history of painting and paint colors.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Should I use water based paint or oil base for interior painting?

A: In the past, oil based paint was known for covering better, the paint was smoother, and more durable than latex paints.  The downside is that it yellows, fades and cracks more than water based paint and the fumes are annoying and unhealthy to breathe.  Water based paints don’t yellow or fade as much, they dry quicker, and are much easier on the environment and the homeowner.  The downside was that they didn’t lay down as smooth and weren’t as durable as oil paint. With the advent of VOC  laws (volatile organic compounds) many painting contractors believe oil paints aren’t as good as they once were. (Although  Benjamin Moore oil paints still work well).  The VOC rules have pushed the paint companies into improving  water based paints to the point where they rival or surpass their older paint relatives in smoothness, hardness and durability.

Q: What should I know about paint sheens for interior painting?

A:  Paints come in gradations of shininess. In order: Matte, (or flat), eggshell, (or lowsheen), satin, semigloss, and gloss, (or high gloss paints).  More resin and binders make for a shinier paint that give it more durability, cleanability,  and smoothness than flatter paints.  Choosing a paint sheen, then, is a matter of function, personal preferences, and what parts of your room that you want to stand out. .  Wood trim, bathrooms and kitchens are generally painted with a higher sheen than ceilings and walls in other rooms. Painters usually recommend a flat paint for ceilings because it gives a room depth and the perception that the room is larger.  Eggshell or satin paints are often chosen for walls because they clean better than flat paints and are more durable, although there are now some newer flat paints that  have those qualities.  Sherwin William’s  Duration is one of them.


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Interior Painting in Portland -Cascade Painting and Restoration
Interior Painting in Portland -Cascade Painting and Restoration
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Portland Interior House Painting=Cascade Painting and Restoration
Interior Painting Contractors Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Interior Painting Contractors Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Interior House Painting Contractors Portland Cascade Painting and Restoration
Interior House Painting Contractors Portland Cascade Painting and Restoration