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Exterior Painting Portland & Vancouver by Cascade Painting & Restoration

Exterior Painters in Portland since 1988

Proper Application for exterior painting by good Painting Contractors

It always surprises me how many painters simply don’t know how to paint well, or just don’t care to try. Improper painting does not allow the terrific new paints to show their true, long term abilities.

The difference in longevity of one paint job to another can be huge, often doubling the time between repaints.

A proper paint job vs improper is often where the price differential comes into play. Unfortunately, comparing contractors is often apples and oranges.(or sometimes apples and bad apples).

Many painters, have never learned or been taught how to paint well. They sometimes bid low, knowing that they will make up for it by finding ways to cut their labor and material costs. Still others hire undocumented workers who may pose a liability risk to the homeowner.

A homeowner needs to find a professional company with integrity, an excellent reputation, and a long, proven, track record . (The lower the contractor number is, the longer they have been in business.) Because of the care we take, we are able to offer excellent warranties.

Exterior House Painting Portland & Vancouver by Cascade Painting & Restoration

Choosing Quality Paint for your exterior painting project

Exterior paint quality has never been better, but you need a quality oriented, experienced company to maximize the benefits. We have journeymen painters who do thorough preparation and apply enough paint correctly and at the correct thickness. Done right, your house paint will last for many years.

Our preferred Company for quality paints is Sherwin Williams.  They are the largest and one of the oldest painting companies in the United States.  They have a large research and development department, and because their paints are sold nation wide, their products are designed to withstand many different conditions.  Their  Superpaint line is an excellent choice for exterior painting.  For the very best quality, we are sold on their Duration line. Although I’m often skeptical of many paint claims, this is the best exterior paint that I’ve ever used. From their website:  “Because of its revolutionary PermaLast® technology, this coating goes on 70% thicker than ordinary exterior house paint, plus, it’s 50% more durable than other premium exterior paints and is guaranteed against peeling and blistering for as long as you own your home.”

If you choose to use Duration, and hire a worthy painting contractor like Cascade Painting and Restoration to do the proper application, your paint job may well last ten years or more. The major cost of a painting project is mostly in the labor, so the extra cost for using great paint is relatively small as a percentage of the cost of the project.
Needing to paint less often is a major money saver in the long run.
Quality is the best value in both the paint and the painting company that applies it.

Other companies also make good products, of course.  Benjamin Moore, Rodda, and Miller all have good paints.

The eyes and minds of humans can distinguish up to 2 million shades of color.

A great color tool to help you sort things out is Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer, a place where you can even download your own photos and manipulate the colors and the combinations.

Here’s an excellent mobile phone  painting app that lets you take a photo of a paint color you’re interested in, (house, room, flower, bedspread) and Sherwin Williams will match the color from its paint charts.  Color Snap.

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“We needed a painter in Portland for the house we bought before moving. They did a great job on the interior and exterior painting as well as drywall repair and texturing work.  They were neat, cleaned up everything. and were pleasant to have around.  For painting contractors, you couldn’t ask for more than what this company provides. We were pleased with everything.”   Joanna R.

For more information please visit our homepage at Cascade Painting and Restoration.  We also do expert interior painting, pressure washing, and drywall repairs.  We have been commercial painting contractors in Portland since 1988.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What paint sheen should I use for Exterior Painting?

A: Choosing paint sheens is a matter of utility and preference.  Higher resin content means shinier and more durable paint.  If all that people wanted was the most durable finish, everything would be painted high gloss, for both exterior and interior painting.  This would lead to a too shiny world. (though sunglass makers would like it).  Flat paints can hide surface imperfections but they get dirtier quicker and won’t last as long. Satin is the most commonly used sheen for both interiors and exteriors, for walls and for trim,  because its more durable and stays cleaner than flats. Semi-gloss and gloss paints are harder, they clean the best, and are the most long lasting but they show imperfections and the highest gloss may be  too much of a shine aesthetically.

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Exterior Painting in Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Exterior Painting in Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Exterior Painting Portland OR_ Cascade Painting and Restoration
Exterior Painting Portland OR_ Cascade Painting and Restoration
Exterior Painting Contractors in Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Exterior Painting Contractors in Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Portland Exterior Painters-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Portland Exterior Painters-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Exterior house Painters Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration
Exterior Painting in Portland-Cascade Painting and Restoration