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We’ve been painters in the Portland metro area since 1988.  Since then, aside from our painting contracting, we’ve been doing water and fire damage restoration for all of the major insurance companies and for many of the other  restoration companies.  Cascade has done thousands of these projects which has included over a thousand water damage projects where we do wall and ceiling repairs, texturing and brocading.

It takes a lot of experience to do the job well, particularly in matching textures.  There are 100’s of types of textures, applied in a myriad of ways.  No one is better at it than we are.  We are also experts in wallpaper removal.

The Freeze of 2014

Has been keeping us very busy repairing water damage.  4 offices up at OHSU, a room at the primate center in Hillsboro, 6 apartments and 3 halls at the Berry Park retirement center in Oregon City, 12 offices and halls at Q Components in Beaverton,  2 offices at Urgent Care in Tualatin, 3 garages, and we’re starting a major job at Gresham Station.  Protect those pipes!

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April, 2014
During a recent major plumbing repair (total interior water line replacement) on our 1980’s home, many large irregular shaped sections of ceiling and wallboard were removed. Mike and Dale from Cascade Painting & Restoration, patched and painted all the areas. The repaired walls and ceiling areas are so well done, they can’t be distinguished from the rest of the walls. They not only did an exceptional job on the repair itself, but protected all our hardwood floors, and adjacent rooms from damage while the repair work took place. We definitely recommend Carl Nurmi’s Cascade Painting & Restoration.


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