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Cascade Painting & Restoration has been a Licensed, Bonded, Painting Contractor serving Portland metro area residents since 1988, and in that time, we have completed more than 6,500 jobs. Experience,  knowledge, and skills are important components of choosing a painting company, so be sure to call our expert staff for your free painting estimate & project assessment today.                    To read our GOOGLE Reviews click here. *****

Professional, Knowledgeable, Clean & Efficient:  

Painters Portland Oregon Cascade Painting andrestorationInterior Painting Portland & Vancouver by Cascade Painting & RestorationExterior House Painting Portland & Vancouver by Cascade Painting & RestorationInterior Painting Portland

 House Painters  Portland, Oregon since 1988

We like to paint and we’re very good at it.  We’re craftsmen and we take pride in our work.  Most people can pick up a brush and paint, but it takes skill and knowledge to do it well.  We take House Painting seriously.


Interior Painting Contractors-Portland area

There is no quicker way to remodel than giving your rooms a fresh coat of paint, and we derive great satisfaction in making that transformation happen.  Other than an excellent job well done, our painters know that cleanliness and efficiency are at the top of the list for homeowners.

We are experts at painting and refinishing  trim, doors, and cabinetry.  Although we still use oil base enamels at times, the new water base enamels like Sherwin Williams Proclassic and Benjamin Moore ‘Advance’, are excellent, and in the hands of a craftsmen appear almost to have been sprayed on. (though we do that too, of course).
Go to our interior painting Portland page to learn more.  Call us today for a free estimate and consultation.  503-936-3255

Exterior Painting Portland Metro Area

Exterior paints have never been better, but  too many companies seem to be in a rush to quickly color a house and be on there way.  Our goal is to professionally paint your house, in the correct way, so that you won’t be needing our exterior painting services again for a very long time. (Though hopefully you’ll refer us to your friends and relatives).   We may not always be the lowest cost painters, but if you factor in the longevity you get from having your painting job properly done, we will likely provide the best value.  Cascade painters are also expert in Deck staining and refinishing.

Commercial Painting Contractors Portland

As painting contractors in Portland,  we are in our 30th year of painting homes, businesses, offices, schools, condominiums, factories, and warehouses.  From painting the very large projects to the small, we take every effort to provide excellent interior and exterior painting  in a timely and efficient manner.  Visit our commercial painting services page for more information

       Carson Oil doneCommercial Painting Portland

Although we value certain products from different painting companies, we believe that Sherwin Williams has the best array of quality products.  They are the oldest and largest painting company in the U.S. and do a very large amount of research and development.  A close second is Benjamine Moore with an excellent line of paints.  Rodda and Miller Paints are regional companies that provide quality paints that we use.     We use low VOC  paints and green-painting techniques whenever possible.                                                Cascade is lead based paint certified.Here’s an excellent mobile phone  painting app that lets you take a photo of a paint color you’re interested in, (house, room, flower, bedspread) and Sherwin Williams will match the color from its paint charts.  Color Snap.

Pressure Washing – Portland metro area

We use specialized equipment to efficiently clean buildings, driveways, walkways, patios.  Our rotary cleaners remove moss and dirt without doing the damage that traditional power washing might do and without the need for harsh chemicals.  Moss removal not only makes your property look good, it can prevent the liability issues of someone slipping.  Homeowners don’t have to live with the slippery green and slimey black of moss, mildew and dirt.  Call us today to make your house look new again by using our pressure washing services . Driveway, walkway, and patio washing.

Painters in Portland Or-Cascade Painting and Restoration


Water Damage Repairs Portland OR

Since 1988 we’ve done work for all of  the major insurance companies- thousands of jobs.
The majority of the work has been painting, both exterior and interior- commercial and residential. Besides expert painting we do insulating, drywall, texturing, and  minor carpentry.  For immediate fire and water damage remediation we recommend Servpro of Gresham. Phone # 503-665-7752.  Please tell them Cascade sent you.

Fire Damage Repairs Portland OR 97210

Wall and Ceiling Repairs

Since 1988 we’ve done excellent drywall repairs, textures and brocades. We remove wallpaper and have the experience and skill to match finishes well. (Different brocades, textures, orange peels)  We work with many electrical and plumbing companies to repair areas that they’ve needed to work on. Please see our drywall repairs page for more information. We are also experts in  Wallpaper Removal.


We carry a 1 million dollar insurance liability policy and a $20,000 bond  for the homeowner’s protection, though we’ve never had to use them.  Many contractors are hiring undocumented workers, paying them cash, and thus avoiding paying workmen’s comp, taxes, insurance, and fees.  These practices,  can put homeowners at risk. Oregon CCB license # 55866.

We at Cascade do everything legally and  by the book.  Our track record of 29 years in business speaks for itself.  We speak English fluently and communicate well with our customers. Feel secure in who you hire to work in and around your home. Call or Text us today at 503-936-3255.

There are two ‘colorizers’ , that are invaluable when making some tough painting color choices.  You can choose and manipulate color schemes for your interior and exterior painting projects.

The Sherwin Williams color visualizer.         The Benjamin Moore color viewer.

An excellent paint store for Benjamin Moore is the Powell Paint Center and for Sherwin Williams, their Division Street store in Portland.

“Cascade Painting and Restoration has done more than 1400 projects for us since 1992, working on houses, offices, and businesses in the greater Portland area. They do excellent interior and exterior painting as well as expert wall and ceiling repairs, texturing/brocading etc. They are professional, clean and neat painting contractors, and our customers speak well of them. I highly recommend this painting company.”
– Dennis Mesford, owner of Servpro of Gresham

Carl and the team at Cascade Painting and Restoration provide exceptional, professional painting, refinishing and restoration services at reasonable prices. We are currently working on a challenging project at Lan Su Chinese Garden, where I am employed as the Facilities and Safety Director. I had been looking for a company who would be flexible, conscientious, and willing to work in unusual conditions while still providing a top quality finished product. I was lucky enough to find Carl and his team, who were not only up for the challenge but have been a pleasure to do business with. Highly Recommended!
Edward Hemmings  Lan Su Chinese Gardens

“Our company, Oregon Home Improvement, has used the painting services of Cascade Painting and Restoration for the last 18 years. They’ve done more than 1500 jobs for us from  small projects to the complete painting of the interior and exterior of high end houses. They excel at wall and ceiling repairs and the matching of textures. These painters are professional, very good at what they do, and work well with our clients.”
– Jay Carey  OHICO  (since 1952)

Painted Pavilion at Chinese Garden by Cascade Painting & Restoration
Painted Pavilion at Chinese Garden by Cascade Painting & Restoration


Benjamin Moore Paints

 Call us today for all of your interior and exterior  painting needs.


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 House Painting Portland-Since 1988

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use water based paint or oil base for interior painting?

A: In the past, oil based paint was known for covering better, the paint was smoother, and more durable than latex paints.  The downside is that it yellows, fades and cracks more than water based paint and the fumes are annoying and unhealthy to breathe.  Water based paints don’t yellow or fade as much, they dry quicker, and are much easier on the environment and the homeowner.  The downside was that they didn’t lay down as smooth and weren’t as durable as oil paint. With the advent of VOC  laws (volatile organic compounds) many painting contractors believe oil paints aren’t as good as they once were. (Although  Benjamin Moore oil paints still work well).  The VOC rules have pushed the paint companies into improving  water based paints to the point where they rival or surpass their older paint relatives in smoothness, hardness and durability.

Q. What are paint primers and when do I use them?

A. Primers are paints designed to adhere to surfaces and then to allow the interior or exterior paints to adhere to the primer and perform their functions of durability, protection, and beauty.  Primers are a necessary first step when painting porous surfaces like bare wood, new drywall.  They are not needed over previously painted surfaces unless they are smoke or water stained in which case a shellac based paint primer is usually called for.  .   Painters will often use a tinted primer when a major color change is required in order to reduce the number of paint coats needed. Like all paint products, you get what you pay for, and quality primers cost more than lessor quality products.  There are many types of primers for many different uses.  Call the painters at Cascade Painting and Restoration to answer your painting questions.

Q: What is acrylic (latex) paint..

A:     Paint that contains a binder of synthetic acrylic resins, sometimes referred to by the generic term latex paint. The binder imparts adhesion and strongly influences such properties as gloss, durability, flexibility, and toughness. Quality paint has more acrylic resin than lessor paints.  The best exterior water-based paints are 100% acrylic.


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